4 uses for landing pages

It’s hard to believe! We still talk to partners who do not yet use landing pages for their marketing and sometimes even do not know what they can do with it. If we then show them how the use of landing pages works, they are quite astonished.

What would online marketing be without landing pages? In any case, a great method for lead generation would be missing – because the landing page is simply unbeatable. Their advantages are obvious, because they only aim at the lead and do not offer many choices around it. In order for the prospective customer to really become a customer, he must be interested in the product itself from the outset. So it makes little sense to send x-arbitrary traffic to the landing pages or view landing pages as a substitute for the actual websites. Rather, they are complementary and works wonders for well-prepared traffic.

Anyone who has not had anything to do with landing pages, the following question arises: What traffic can I ever send on landing pages, so successes are seen? These four ways show you the perfect areas of use for landing pages:

E-mail marketing
This is probably the most classic way to use landing pages specifically for his traffic. If you’ve built yourself a pool of newsletter subscribers, you can send regular advertising and profit from it. No matter how your newsletter is structured (whether editorial or purely promotional) – from there you can pass on the traffic on landing pages excellently and convert without further hurdles.

Media Buying
Similar to e-mail marketing, it also works for media buying. If you have campaigns running, you can forward them directly to landing pages to convert the traffic. The better the campaigns are geared to the landing pages, the better the final result.

Extra tip: landing pages are also great for running traffic tests on new affiliates and reducing the hassle!

Social media
Do you use social media channels to get users excited? Wonderful! Then landing pages placed in here and prepared for the users in your posts already know what to expect. If you are so interested, the landing page will do the rest of the work and you’ll be amazed at how many leads you can generate.

Landing pages and blogs do not really fit together for you at first glance? Then you are doing something wrong, because there is a lot of feasibility. If you write editorial posts on certain topics in your blog, you can refer to the landing page as a “Call to Action”. For example, you write on your blog about how to build a good profile for online dating. At the end, ask the reader to try it for yourself and send it to a suitable landing page. Since he finds little distraction there, he will follow your request without thinking.

You see, the possibilities are abundant and alot more can be found and of course you do not have to create landing pages yourself. We have prepared a selection of landing pages for you at imaXcash, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Try a few different ones and find out what your traffic is best at!