Google pays dearly for fixed place

It’s normal for all of us to use Google on all devices. Whether desktop or mobile – in fact, the search engine is set everywhere as the standard and only a few people change it. In order for this to continue, Google on occasions, has to pay a high price. For example, to Apple, who let’s the space for the standard search engine which has to do with more than just being paid well because only out of courtesy Google is not set here as a standard in the Safari browser as well as in iOS.

Statistics show, customers with Apple devices account for more than half of Google’s advertising revenue. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of revenue. Apple also knows this and uses this power to vigorously ask Google for cash. In 2018 9.5 billion dollars should have been transferred from the search engine giant to Cupertino. Only for the purpose of continuing to be the number one search engine on the devices. This has now been announced by Goldman Sachs analysts. A sum that is hard to imagine.

How it is calculated is not known. By 2017, Google paid $1 billion annually – and that should have been 30% of the revenue from the search. In 2017, the payment had already tripled to 3 billion, now it is over 9 billion. It is not to be assumed that the revenue increased at a similarly rapid rate. If you then consider that Google has paid in the last year even 3.5 billion to Samsung, one wonders how long the prices can still be raised.

Also, Google seems to ask this question well and may eventually no longer be willing to pay this price. This at least explains why Google search is integrated into more and more apps. Thus, the use would also be easily possible for the user, if Apple gives priority to another search engine. However, there is also the question of who would even pay such prices, as Google is currently doing.