Rules are there to break them!

We browse online in dating blogs ever so often to see what’s going on there with certain topics. Often there are really interesting posts which features are well received in offers and what can make users even more satisfied in the future. Sometimes it’s just amusing to read. For example, in some postings, again flirting and dating rules are discussed, which can be very old fashion.

One of the rules is that the man should take the first step. This is no longer fashionable in the offline world – and rarely works online. The opposite is more the case. In our dating service, women are very active, they get in touch with the men they like and they are often the ones who ask for a date after a short contact. Especially with very pretty women, men often do not dare to take the first step – so it would be a waste of time to wait for it.

Also the rule does not really make sense with dating offers, as we have them in the portfolio: No sex on the first date. After all, our offerings are all about having fun – even on the first date and getting to know each other in the form of a dinner or a walk does not have to be either. The trend is clearly that the common time is enjoyed from the first to the last second – and everything else is secondary and distracts only from the fun that you want to have together.

Dating rules are no longer really appropriate in today’s world and often simply outdated. Rather, it’s about ignoring rules today, breaking out of everyday life and just having fun. With dating offers like the ones you can promote through our system, it’s never been easier. We have all the features focused on making it as easy as possible for your customers. After all, the customers who make contacts through the offers are satisfied customers and will stay with you for a very long time.

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