Search Console: Info for bad click rates

Viewing statistics is a favorite activity for many affiliates and SEOs. In addition to the commission figures it is also likely to see how it looks with the traffic and where the visitors come from. Especially for SEOs, this is important, because the number of visitors can go back, meaning something went wrong in the optimization or there was an update in the search engine. Both may involve many losses – so it’s important to keep an eye on it all the time. But what if the number of your own websites keeps growing and the time for daily monitoring is gone? As a result, a website may slip unnoticed into bad positions.

Anyone who has registered their websites in the Google Search Console can now look forward to a new feature there: If the weekly number of clicks, impressions, etc. strongly decreases, you are informed by email from the Search Console about it and even reveals a possible reason for the deterioration the numbers. SEOs are currently debating whether this new feature is based on pure math or maybe even artificial intelligence is in the sink. That would make sense, because Google is using them more and more frequently, and in this case, an AI-based assistant could actively help website operators not only monitor the performance of their pages, but more quickly identify problems, and especially then to also fix promptly.

But these notifications can also have a negative side – namely, when the Search Console sends messages even with small changes. This could lead to a lot of website operators inboxes flooded with emails which doesn’t help. Especially with small, new pages that still have low traffic and where the position in the search results varies, it can quickly lead to losses of 50 percent in the clicks – but in real terms that may only be 20 clicks less due to the low number of visitors. In this case the mail notifications would really be unnecessary.