Cyber attacks are a big risk for businesses

It has never been so easy to hurt businesses and individuals. Almost everyone is vulnerable to the Internet, and so the news is not exactly astonishing that the threat of cyber-attacks on the Internet continues to grow. Whether DDOS attacks, phishing, cyber espionage or other: the possibilities are manifolding and thus it is also increasingly difficult to equip and protect against everything.

As the Zurich insurance company announced, attacks against companies are not only becoming more numerous, but increasingly sophisticated. This can cost companies around the world dearly over the next five years. It is estimated that costs totaling $ 8 trillion may arise. Thus, a cyber attack is also a business risk that should not be underestimated. In a leadership survey, this type of threat has even risen to # 5 in global business risk – ranked 8 the year before last.

It is really scary that you can hardly arm yourself, because with every safety precaution you also create a challenge on which grow hackers. If errors and inattention then occur, the threat can become real, a lot sooner than you would like. This has just been experienced this year many companies that were blackmailed with the help of malicious software and often had no other options than to pay. There are currently many initiatives and working groups that are concerned with cybersecurity and want to create solutions. However, there are also many hackers who are always finding new ways to harm companies. It will be more of an arms race than a final solution. Nevertheless, companies should of course try to protect themselves in the best possible way and thus reduce the attack surface – otherwise, a large financial loss can occur. If, in addition, customer data is stolen, the image is also badly damaged. It should therefore have top priority to invest in security!