Now comes AMP for emails!

Google is really serious about AMP – as evidenced by recent developments and efforts. Now it is a major step forward, because AMP for emails, which was first announced in February 2018, is now launched. The goal is to use AMP to make emails more interactive and, in many cases, make the use of a browser for actions superfluous. Of course, these opportunities will be in Gmail, but not just there. Other mail providers such as Yahoo and Outlook will support it. Thus, it is worthwhile for companies also right at the beginning, to set the new possibilities by AMP mails.

Some places were already asked, what is with AMP for emails, because since the announcement was made indeed some time had passed. Google has probably used the time to do in background all the necessary work and to ensure it can be started easily with interactive mails. Anyone who is already familiar with the programming of AMP websites will also have no problem creating corresponding mails. Popular AMP features such as forms, carousel and lists can be easily implemented and of course, HTML is still supported.

In practice, the interactive mails can be used to confirm appointments, make event registrations and fill in questionnaires. Even virtual catalogs can be implemented with it – and all this is possible without the user having to change to another browser tab. First partners supporting AMP for email are already on board. These include Doodle, Pinterest and Sparkpost, Litmus, and Amazon’s SES tools have been there from the start, allowing AMP to email.

For email marketing, AMP offers completely new possibilities, which are certainly used extensively by marketing managers and gladly accepted. How users react to the possibilities becomes exciting. But actually there should be no problems here too, because in many cases it is simply less complicated!