Email Marketing: We gladly took over!

The email was one of the first marketing tools on the Internet – and it has not lost importance until today. On the contrary, email is almost the only means by which people on the Internet can be specifically and accurately addressed, without distractions and in an environment with which they are familiar (mailbox). Therefore you can get very close to the customer and can convey the message in a familiar environment.

Of course, there are not only positive effects in email marketing – in fact it can actually speak against it. For example, the average user on one day often receives more unsolicited mail than messages that really doesn’t interest him. Nevertheless, email marketing is still generating huge revenue. As a webmaster, you certainly would like to have a piece of this cake.

At imaXcash we offer you the opportunity to take over the email marketing for you. We have set up a dedicated team for this area, which deals with nothing but the sending of newsletters and works every day to improve the Conversion Council even further.

In email marketing, we work with state-of-the-art software and are always testing new trends and techniques to turn a newsletter into a bestseller. If you have a newsletter list, you can use our Email Parking easy and uncomplicated. All we need is your email list with data for Double-OptIn, Timestamp, etc. – the rest will be done.

Your personal supporters will be happy to discuss with you what kind of data is required to participate in our email parking and how best to communicate it to us. Simply contact the email parking and get comprehensive information on what we can do for you to increase your sales!