New features on Google Ads

Since Google AdWords became Google Ads, not much has happened in the service. Now there is a whole series of updates which makes it easier for advertisers to do their job. At the same time, Keyword Planner also has news to announce – and that too will be a positive message for many of our partners!

The biggest change to Google Ads is especially pleasing agencies that manage multiple accounts. With cross-account management, changes and tasks can now be carried out not only for each account individually but also for different accounts at the same time. Whether new keyword sets or the download of statistics: Switching between accounts is no longer necessary and that saves a lot of time. There are also new features in the Editor interface: a search function has been integrated and an Edit Panel has been added. This should simplify orientation for users.

Other new features include creating custom rules and supporting non-skippable video ads. Additionally, video ads can now be tagged with additional CTAs and headlines. The management functions in app campaigns have also received meaningful news, so it’s worth taking a closer look. Finally, a lot has changed in budget management. Recommended daily budgets are integrated, as well as bid strategies for successful smart bidding. So, a lot has happened here and those responsible for advertising are certainly looking forward to the new features that make the job more enjoyable.

For the marketing are surely also the innovations in the Keyword Planner interesting. When looking for new ideas for campaigns, you can now create up to ten seed keywords. In addition, more keywords in the search should also support the discovery of other keyword opportunities. Also interesting is the monthly Keyword Trend Report, which is available for download. In addition, keyword ideas can now be grouped together and added to campaigns as a set. Other new features will be presented to the user when they next log into Keyword Planner.