Online dating is booming!

While many industries are constantly reading and hearing that the market is saturated and sales are stagnating or declining, online dating is making good figures year on year. This is shown by statistics from different countries again and again – and providers of dating sites and their partners can confirm the steady upward trend. Thus, online dating is one of the most lucrative markets of all, ensuring good, growing revenue for anyone serious about these offerings, not just in the short term.

We recently read a study of Switzerland. There, the turnover in the area of ​​online dating for 2017 is set at 40.9 million francs (about 40.15 million US dollars). With about 8.5 million inhabitants in the small country, indeed a considerable number. If you take a look at the statistics of the previous years, you can see a sales growth every year. This also makes us all look positively into the future, because an end to the growth phase is not yet to be seen. On the contrary, with each passing year, the number of digital natives who are coming of age and thus also potential customers is increasing. For them it becomes even more natural to go online to search for dates.

The figures from Switzerland are just one example of many countries. If you look at various statistics portals and compare the evaluations, it looks good for online dating worldwide and a slump in sales figures is nowhere to be seen. We too can confirm this upward trend and have been observing the growth markets for years. With imaXcash we already offer for different countries and make our market entry as easy as possible for our partners. With a large number of advertising materials, competent support and attractive commissions, we help you not just to generate a few customers, but to make good long-term sales!