Month: June 2019

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Faster is better

The faster a page loads, the chance that the user will perceive it and make a purchase is much higher. That should be known to anyone working online. At least it’s always a topic. Unfortunately, there is often a big difference between theory and practice. Google has seen that and

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Customer care creates trust!

As operators of various dating services, we work day after day on many different things. On the one hand, of course, to the offers themselves, that have to be developed, maintained and updated with new features. On the other hand, we are working on the platform, with which we offer

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Cloud Services? Yes, but safety

Owning cloud servers are moving more and more into focus. Especially in Europe, with regard to the Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in May 2018, it is not a bad idea to use self-hosted solutions for cloud servers as well. If in doubt, this saves a lot of

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The imaXcash Traffic Tool!

There are many occasions where you want to keep an eye on what’s happening to your traffic. This is because going a whole day without a check can really cost a lot of money, for a simple reason like something does not fit right. Normally the statistics in imaXcash helps

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WhatsApp wants to stop newsletters

Getting in touch with the customer and delivering advertising messages – that’s the best way to attract attention. Therefore, every possible channel is used. The classic example of this is the email that is used to send newsletters. But newsletters can also be played via other channels and are often

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