Microsoft Edge with many new features

Microsoft wants to play a role in the browser market! After Internet Explorer had to give way and Edge has taken its place, they now want to win the trust of users with many new features and even bring the old Explorer back a bit. But this does not necessarily have nostalgic reasons, but rather practical!

Already in December 2018 Microsoft announced that the Edge Browser should be rebuilt on the basis of the open source Chromium browser. The result could be tested for a few weeks but has received limited attention so far. That changed, however, when Microsoft announced new features at Build 2019 to get it under control, which bothers users in the usual browsers.

Great attention is paid to the privacy of the users. In the future, the choice between three different modes should be possible here. Depending on whether the user selects the mode “unrestricted”, “balanced” or “strict”, third parties can track the surfing behavior. This offers the user more transparency and control over what is visible. There is also more transparency in the privacy options. There you can see, for example, which trackers are allowed and which are not.

Also new is the Collections feature, which aims to make it easier for users to collect and share information. The function is also linked to Microsoft Office, so the information can also be used in Word or other applications.

For companies that still work with applications which were optimized for Internet Explorer, there is also an IE mode. In future, it will be easy to open it via a new tab so nobody is forced to use outdated and, above all, unsafe installations of IE. This should be particularly pleasing to the IT departments!

Microsoft announced that the new features are under development and will be included in the final version of the new Edge browser. So you can be curious and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft can join this back into the ranks of popular browsers.