Tips for optimizing your WordPress pages

When it comes to WordPress, we probably do not need to say anything here. There are hardly any website owners who have never tried this CMS or even use it permanently. This is mainly due to the fact that WordPress brings great and extensive features from house and beyond plugins can be extended almost endlessly. Many plugins bring with them extensions for the frontend, which are mainly aimed at website visitors. But there are also plugins that help to achieve other goals – for example, better positioning in search engines.

While you have to do the optimization manually on websites without CMS and support one or the other scripts at most a bit, WordPress with plugins is quite quick and easy. By default, there is already a good structure for search engine optimization and with SEO plug-ins you can cover more basics. After all, the competition never sleeps and the better a page is prepared, the more successes are also shown in the rankings. But which plugins can be used here for better results?

No Category Base (WPML)
Wordpress can be configured nearly perfectly via the settings, also as far as the paths are concerned. Unfortunately, the default is always the category with in the URL noted and that is often simply unnecessary. With this plugin, the category is removed automatically and the URLs are shorter and more meaningful. Of course, the previous URLs will also be redirected via 301, so there are no problems here either.

Simple 301 Redirects
Speaking of redirects, there are 404 errors on every site over time. At some point subpages no longer exist, the link has changed and has not been adjusted – and the error page is already there. For visitors and also search engines this is not advantageous, because that is a dead end and often leads to the exit from the page. But you can handle that with the Simple 301 Redirects Plugin. Instead of doing this manually via the .htaccess, you can simply specify where to redirect to 404 errors. As the name of the plugin reveals, the redirects are made SEO-compliant with the status code 301.

SEO Optimized Images
Especially in everyday life, the optimization of graphics of all kinds is often lost. However, this can be achieved a lot and also increase the traffic. If you have not yet provided all the graphics with title and alt tags, this plugin can make the work easier for you. If you define in the plugin once, how the tags are to be specified, then that will run automatically in the future.

With these plugins you are one step ahead of many competitors and can influence the positioning in search engines positively, without much effort to operate. That’s always good, right?