Google search in a new design!

Apparently every day there are changes or innovations in the different Google services that are sometimes more and sometimes less visible and noticeable. The web search is no exception. But on the contrary; especially in the background, there is always a lot going on in terms of the algorithm. Now and then there are also some minor adjustments or at least tests in the presentation with really big changes in the design, however, they are rather rare and will then attract all the more attention.

As the Google designers have now announced, there should be a major design change in mobile search these days. For one or the other, the announced changes may not seem particularly exciting, but they can certainly change a lot. For example, the link should now be displayed above the title and, if available, an icon for the website will also be displayed. The image of what this creates in the mobile web search, appears in the new design much tidier and more appealing. In addition, the new look makes it easy for the seeker to capture the results faster. One or the other will notice that the new layout has a similarity to the Discover feed. But that will probably only be so for a short time, because this should also be updating soon.

The new design is currently being rolled out worldwide and should soon be arriving. How the users are and whether such things as an appealing icon offer an advantage in the search, will soon show up. In addition to the design, there have been other innovations in the search lately, which are interesting for many. For example, more and more podcasts are displayed directly in the web search and, in addition, the job search is finally available in Germany – a feature that many have been waiting for. Further innovations are announced in almost all areas. So it stays exciting!