Google Core update ensures nervous webmasters

On Sunday, there was a Google premiere that no one had ever expected: on Twitter, a Google Core update was announced in advance! It was information out the “June 2019 Core Update” which will start on Monday, but it takes a few days until the effects arrive anywhere. What exactly will happen during the update, however, was not said – and that in turn makes many webmasters nervous. They do not know if they go out as winners or losers from the update.

Google, on the other hand, tries to keep things calm and describes the announcement as a response to the desire for greater transparency, which is constantly being brought up to them. In addition, they wanted to anticipate the demands that will definitely be made in the event of changes. However, it has also been emphasized that webmasters should not do anything if traffic changes over the next few days. Anyone who draws conclusions or reacts prematurely may not be pleased with it. Rather, it should take a little seven to ten days for the update to go through. In this period, a placement will not necessarily be stable and it can still change for the better, but also for the negative. Especially if you find worse positions in the SERPs and therefore less traffic after the update, Google does not have to point out that you did something wrong. It may also be easy for competitors who have previously ranked poorer to be re-evaluated for better results.

Of course, the first SEOs are still trying on analyzes that are more likely a look into a glass ball. They are looking for changes and trying to find out why websites lose or gain traffic. These are really just speculations and there is nothing else to do but to wait until the core update is really through and calm returns in the SERPs. Of course, an evaluation makes sense and then it is also right to react.