Month: May 2019

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Without women, nothing works

Some time ago we reported that we attach great importance to creating incentives for women. If men are to acquire membership in a dating product, many women’s membership is still the best advertisement. That’s why women can sign up for free with us and can use the offers fully without

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Voice Search – are you prepared?

Everything is changing and what was up to date yesterday may be replaced tomorrow by a newer technology. Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the complexity of the developments makes us all stumble sometimes, especially if we want to be there early enough and test enough before a new

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Google search in a new design!

Apparently every day there are changes or innovations in the different Google services that are sometimes more and sometimes less visible and noticeable. The web search is no exception. But on the contrary; especially in the background, there is always a lot going on in terms of the algorithm. Now

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When do you really start?

Again and again you hear and read about the fact that there are far more important things than money. But even if money is not everything, it still plays an important role in our (working) life and the prospect of getting a few percentages more will make many webmasters curious.

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Google invests in security

Security and especially data protection is a high priority in today’s world – much emphasis is placed on it, especially in European countries. Google is also aware of the importance of these topics and is therefore opening a new Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) to develop tools for more security and

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Online dating is booming!

While many industries are constantly reading and hearing that the market is saturated and sales are stagnating or declining, online dating is making good figures year on year. This is shown by statistics from different countries again and again – and providers of dating sites and their partners can confirm

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