Firefox wants to score with paid features!

What is currently going on in the browser market? After being very quiet for a long time and the Chrome browser has continued to expand its market power, now comes headwinds. There is movement in the market again and not only Microsoft will like to know it again with the newly built edge browser; but even the Chrome browser itself is facing some big changes and now Mozilla has announced that there will soon be premium features on the Firefox browser – and users have to pay for it.

The Mozilla Firefox browser likes to see itself as the independent savior in front of the big players. That’s the way to go against the internet explorer and so today they would also like to be seen as an alternative to the Google Chrome browser. But you are not quite that independent when Google is ultimately the biggest donor. It does not quite fit together, and that may be the reason why Mozilla wants to go new and rather unusual ways.

Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla, revealed in an interview that they are working on a new version of the Firefox browser that includes paid premium features. The user should be able to book additional services, such as a VPN service, simply by paid subscription. How that looks in detail, Beard has not revealed. So it’s not clear whether the features are booked individually, available as a large premium package, or perhaps even with one-time payments. But since this change has already been announced for the autumn, you will surely have thought of it in the house of Mozilla.

The traditional features of the browser, which are already integrated in existing versions, should not be affected by the subscriptions. As expressed by the press department of Mozilla, there is “no plan” to make the previously free features paid. Whether one may not yet again develop a plan in this direction, remains open. Just like the question of whether the users are willing to pay money for a feature browser.