The imaXcash Traffic Tool!

There are many occasions where you want to keep an eye on what’s happening to your traffic. This is because going a whole day without a check can really cost a lot of money, for a simple reason like something does not fit right. Normally the statistics in imaXcash helps you and tells you exactly how many clicks there are and how it looks with the conversion etc. This covers the basics. But with us there is another way to monitor traffic at specific times – with the Traffic Monitors.

You can find the Traffic Monitors in the partner area under Tools – Custom Traffic Monitors in imaXcash and now you have the possibility to track different actions. For example, if you have just booked a campaign and want to know at the end of the day if you have reached your goals, you can select the advertised offer and define exactly what you want to keep in mind (CTR, etc.). Also several actions are possible in the selection. Finally, you can then choose which time window should be tracked. You can then use the evaluation to let you know by e-mail or just in the system itself. So you have the most important key figures always in view and no important information is lost.

The Traffic Monitor is set up in no time so you can quickly and easily get an overview of what’s happening to your traffic. If it turns out that you are not reaching your intended goals, you can intervene in time and make changes to the campaign or you simply look forward to the end of the day on the achieved sales. In both cases, the tool provides good results and, of course, a good mood when sales are increased.