Google brings new Search Console features!

The Search Console has long been an important tool for webmasters who rely on search engine optimization. Not only is it possible to see here which keywords visitors used to come to the website but there are also many other pieces of information that can often influence the success of the optimization. For example, if Google finds errors on the page and information about it. All in all there are some useful features in the tool – and now new ones are added.

There are two new features in Search Console that affect the testing tools for rich media, AMPs, and URLs. For example, they can be used to verify that structured data and code are being used correctly. Sounds a bit abstract, but in practice it’s really great and saves a lot of work. The new features make it possible,, to search directly in the markup and to have the ability to directly copy, work on and re-implement code. That’s a huge time saver! Not only can the rendered markup be checked faster, but it can also be more easily optimized if there is a mistake.

As Google announced, it’s now easier than ever to respond to error messages. If, for example, an error is found in the Structured Data for a website in the URL test, the responsible element in the code area can be found immediately in the markup. Then you can just copy it out, change it and implement it again – and the bug is already fixed. So it really is a simple workflow that provides great results here. The first SEOs who have already tested the new features are definitely thrilled!