Codetalks supports learning!

How much time do you invest in training during the week? Certainly not enough – at least most of us feel that way. Although we know it’s important, we do not spend enough time learning or refreshing new skills. It has never been easier to learn new things than it is today. The internet is full of tutorials, courses, masterclasses and videos. With so much available for free. All we have to do is start. But where?

If you want to learn something new, you will find countless possibilities with free videos on Youtube. The selection is extensive – and that is exactly the problem. With so many options, you do not know what to choose. When it comes to learning or brushing up on web development topics, Codetalks is a great platform to help you find the right videos to get you started quickly and easily. But what exactly makes it so easy to learn about this platform? Codetalks provides hundreds of videos on topics like Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Python and much more. These are usually recordings of lectures at conferences and specialist events packed with a lot of information and knowledge.

Codetalks does not host the videos themselves, but load them over Youtube. The videos are then tagged, freed from distractions, and made available in a user-friendly environment for easier locating. In addition, you have the opportunity to rate videos, compile your own newsletter or even suggest videos for inclusion. Also, many videos are equipped with more information, which also show code examples. So there really are a lot of features that make it easy to learn about codetalks.