Organize Keyword-Sets with mind maps

Organize Keyword-Sets with mind maps

Before starting a new project, the keyword research is always on the ToDo list. There are a lot of tools you can find by matching keywords and you can surely work with several of them. Usually a few hundred suitable items come together. For example, If you use synonyms the research quickly becomes confusing, but only if you summarize it in a list. To keep the viewer in mind, you can use mind mapping tools like XMind.

XMind is a free tool, which is available as a portable and installation variant. With it, traditional mindmaps can be produced, which can be designed differently and adapted to the individual requirements. This makes keyword sets very clear and synonyms can be listed exactly where they belong. With markers, you quickly get order in the keyword masses and then recognize at a glance what is important and what is negligible.

Such keyword sets are not only to be used once, but can also be used as a starting point for later research. This makes the application even more interesting.

Of course, other daily work with mind maps can be organized or simplified. There are no limits to the imagination!