That’s what Google and Co see

What do you pay attention to when designing a new website? User experience should be very important for you and of course, a beautiful design, as are graphics, videos, and other elements involved. For this purpose, a lot is used, which makes all this possible and for the user of the website is not visible in the background. CSS, PHP, Javascript and a lot more makes it look and work the way you want it to. At least in the best case!

So there are two views of websites from the beginning. That of the user, who sees only the final result, and that of the creator, who also has everything in view, including what happens in the background. Finally, there is also a third view: that of the search engines! Even though the bots now recognize and read a lot, what search engines see is quite different from what you or the visitor sees. For example, graphical navigation is not included, and most of the elements we have placed side by side are picked up by search engines. It is then not always everything in the order, as we have imagined.

In order for the search engines to list a website well, there must of course be no problems reading out. Of course, one could just hope that this happens or reacts when one realizes that it does not come to the listings one desires. It is better if you look from the beginning, if everything fits. Quite simply, this is possible with tools that display a website on click as the search engines see it. One of these tools is BROWSEO.

BROWSEO is an online service that lets you see every website as search engines do. You do not have to download or install anything, just enter the URL and you’re off. But beware: At the first view, many are frightened. From the beautiful website, which was built and designed with a lot of effort, there really is not much left. But it does not depend on the exterior, but on the content. This should not only be present in this view, but also be read / visible. Only then will it be picked up by search engines. If the content is not displayed correctly, a rework is necessary – then it also works with better results in the SERPs.