Grasshopper, available now as a web app

More than two million users have downloaded the Grasshopper app from the App Stores since April 2018. This is a great success for the Coding School from Google. With the app you can learn the basics from CSS, HTML and JavaScript, wherever you are. This has inspired many and certainly was laid out for one or the other of the foundation for a technical career. But the App had a disadvantage: Code on the smartphone is not really user-friendly and therefore, it’s been noted that often times there were no more than small code snippets.

With the new web app, Google not only provides the full Grasshopper learning experience on the desktop, but has also implemented two new courses that make sense only on large screens. This makes it even easier to learn in the future – even if it is no longer possible to be so independent of location. For example, the “Using a Code Editor” class shows you how to properly handle a program editor, and “Intro to Webpages” is for beginners, showing them how to handle and interpret code snippets as part of the whole.

The courses available at Grasshopper are all free, giving everyone the chance to gain the knowledge. They build on each other, so they must all be completed in order to ensure that all participants are on the same level. If you want to use the courses, you do not need anything except a smartphone or just the web app and English skills. More is not necessary.

Why should you use Grasshopper? Even if you do not want to learn programming directly, it makes sense to at least acquire the basics. This makes it easier to understand connections and with small errors on the website, you can then even look for yourself, where it hooks and make improvements. This saves time and often also money, because not a service provider for small things has to be engaged. Even if you choose not to become active yourself, the basics enable you to better plan and get a feel for the effort.