Chrome 78 is here with some innovations

It’s that time again: The new version of the Google Chrome browser is here and is currently being rolled out. Chrome78 is now available for MacOS, Windows and of course Linux and brings back some new features. Some of them affect the invisible part, others are also noticeable on the surface making the utilization even more pleasant than before.

What’s new about the Chrome78? Probably the most interesting innovation is the integration of Password Checkup. This somewhat new tool, which was actually a Chrome extension, was very quickly integrated into the browser and does a good job. A checkup checks all passwords and access data as they are entered and compares them with a large database of password leaks. If the user’s combination is known in any way, he will be alerted and advised that it makes sense to change the password.

Also new is that Google Chrome now prevents pop-ups when leaving a page. Often, these are used to keep website visitors longer or to make them special offers. This will be blocked completely. In many cases this is certainly in the interest of the user. However, in a few moments it can also cause problems.

On a more positive note, is the new feature that allows calls to start directly from the desktop. If the smartphone is connected to the Google account, a click on a phone number on the desktop or a mark will suffice in the future, where the phone number can then be sent directly to the smartphone via the context menu. On the smartphone a notification pops up with the phone number and the note that this has been transmitted via the Google Chrome browser and the call can be started directly. This certainly makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable for many. To activate the telephone function, the following steps are necessary:

  • Open “chrome: // flags” in the desktop browser
  • Search and activate the item “# click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text”
  • Restart browser.

In addition to these innovations, there are of course others, such as the new tab overlay. However, these do not vary much in the application and are therefore not so relevant for most.