These tips makes email marketing even more successful

Email marketing was and is one of the most successful marketing measures that can be used across all industries. In order to make the effort worthwhile to set up and maintain a good list, you should pay a lot of attention when creating the mails. It is not just about the design, the content, or the best time to send, but rather that the emails really arrive at the recipient and are displayed there correctly.

Email does not lose importance in the private and, of course, business environments. Since it is natural that many want to earn and so there are now a variety of email clients and services. This variety is positive for the user, but in marketing means that there can be many differences in the appearance of emails. It is almost impossible to guarantee the perfect presentation in all clients, but for the most important you should already make sure that everything fits. These currently include:

  • Gmail
  • Apple Mail (including apps for iPhone and iPad)
  • Outlook (inc.
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Email app for Android
  • Windows Live Mail
  • AOL Mail

Depending on what the recipient uses, there are some hurdles that can prevent a correct display of the mails. Therefore, it is important to optimize the mails so that as few problems arise. This requires different things.

  1. Create text version of the email
    Email providers do a lot to protect their users against spam. Then something is quickly labeled as unwanted, which should actually arrive. For this reason, it makes sense to create a text version of the newsletter. This is a positive signal for the email provider that conveys seriousness.
  2. Link the online version of the mail
    There are still mail clients that do not support HTML. In order for the recipient to still be able to see the email correctly, a link to the online version is helpful.
  3. Use absolute paths
    Whether with links or with pictures: The use of absolute paths is always the better choice. This ensures that the links and graphics really work. Instead of “/ site” or “/image.jpg” the full URL should be specified. Then nothing can go wrong.
  4. Use old tags for graphics
    Often, graphics in email clients are not displayed by default. So that the user knows what to expect there, then an alt tag is helpful, which provides more information.
  5. Create fixed height and width for pictures
    Often, graphics today are integrated into the template via a percentage value. For some clients, this unfortunately causes a deprecated presentation and graphics are not displayed at all, the entire layout is affected and shifts. With defined sizes, this hurdle can be avoided.
  6. Check first, then send
    Almost all email marketing tools today offer a number of ways to check the email before it is sent. A preview should always be used to check the most important criteria. Often you can also select different clients or devices here. Even a test shipment is the last step which is a good idea to really find all the mistakes.

Who uses and implements these tips, can increase the success in email marketing as they are really sustainable and you can get more out of the recipient list!