Best of Codepen 2019

Developers often have challenges ahead of them that others have already solved perfectly. If you could access others’ work, be inspired by them or simply find new approaches, that would save a lot of time. A platform that makes this possible is Codepen. Everyone can write or share their code there, or other people’s snippets can be used or copied.

Codepen is therefore a popular contact point for developers. Certainly it’s not just about solutions to complex tasks, there is also plenty of fun. Amazing animations, crazy games and much more can of course also be found. And all of that is also provided with features that we can get from communities. Published codes can be liked and comments are also possible. This brings the offer to life and contributes to its popularity.

Now Codepen has evaluated which pens were particularly popular in 2019 and is dedicating a gallery of the 100 most popular pens to them. The likes collected were counted and the winner was “Credit Card Form” – with 2137 likes. There are also plenty of handy code snippets that have made it into the top 100 list. It’s worth going through the pens and discovering the pearls of the community!