Does Online Dating Need Trends?

The new year is here and now you can read everywhere: “The top trends for 2020 are …!” Sometimes these trends are generally related to business, sometimes to entire subject areas (e.g. social media marketing or web design) and some even to individual topics (e.g. Instagram, colors). But what about online dating? Are there any trends in the New Year that we should definitely pay attention to? Or is dating more of a timeless topic that doesn’t change much?

Online dating is definitely a trend topic – it just never goes out of style! But it is not necessarily a topic that is subject to trends. In the more than 20 years that we have been designing and developing dating offers for the Internet and also making them available to our partners for application, we have seen a lot of trends coming and going. In online dating itself, however, not much has changed. The basic features have remained the same, because then as now, there is a need to show your own data and preferences (profile), to search for the right partner and then to contact him (messaging system). If these basics are available, every dating offer can run.

Of course there are all around features that are more or less in demand, but these are just extras that are not decisive for the success of an offer. Of course, only the design is subject to trends, although here too, restraint is often the best alternative, because the following applies to online dating: form follows function! The functions are in the foreground, everything must be easy for the user to find and, above all, easy to use. Then you don’t need many modern design elements, which in the worst case distract from the actual content.

So there are only a few trends in the dating area that should be observed – and there is all the more time to concentrate on the important things. After all, the most important thing is to offer users what they expect and to open up new markets in order to be able to use as much of the traffic as possible.