Not just for developers

Anyone working online, programming, or just making adjustments to websites and scripts here and there needs one thing above all else: a good text editor that makes the work clearer yet simpler and lean, so it does not interfere with the actual work but still distracts. There are so many text editors that meet these and many other requirements. However, Sublime Text is especially popular. The tool brings a lot of features with it, which the user learns to love quickly, yet it does not seem overloaded.

Sublime text is known and loved by many developers. The current version is a useful development of the tool and brings many features with it that inspire in everyday life. Syntax highlighting, which is on board for almost countless programming and scripting languages are naturally, very important. But also snippets and of course a code preview are included. In addition, there are some features that are gratefully accepted, especially by ambitious users. This includes, for example, the find-and-replace function, which also takes on regular expressions. For example, to customize a class in a document, selections can be targeted to equal words. Thanks to batch selection, it is also possible to quickly edit blocks of text.

Another plus of Sublime Text, which particularly appeals to developers, is the focus on the use of keyboard shortcuts. With them, the user can simply open documents or switch between them or even jump to certain places in the document. This saves time and makes work even more enjoyable. For those who like to focus and work without distraction, there is also a mode that works in full screen and hides all the elements that could possibly interfere. In addition, Sublime Text offers many more interesting features – but it would be too much to enumerate them all in detail. More information about the editor and the prices are of course available on the website!