Mobile First Index – Are You Ready?

Google has been dealing with the topic “Mobile First Index” for a long time and has already indexed the new websites in it after several announcements in the past months. Over the next twelve months, the older websites are also to be gradually converted – and this poses a challenge for some website operators. Google’s goal is that from next year only the content that can be seen on the mobile version of a website will be used for the ranking. Conversely, this means that every website also has to work smoothly on mobile devices in order to have any chance of a reasonable ranking. But what will really matter?

The first step in being able to survive in the Mobile First Index is of course a responsive design. Even if this is a matter of course for many, it is not the case for everyone. It is therefore important to point this out again at this point. Another important point is the loading time of the website. Here it is advisable not only to test the start page, but also each individual subpage in order to receive data that can be used. Especially if the mobile website does not match 100% with the desktop version, it should also be ensured that the ratio of the different content types fits and images are assigned attributes. The aim here is to satisfy Google as best as possible and to show that there is high-quality content that is worth showing.

With these basics, the website is prepared for the Mobile First Index. Various tools are recommended for further optimization and are made available by Google, among others. In addition to the search console in general, you can also use the Mobile-Friendly-Test to find good approaches for one Get optimization.