Affiliate marketing in times of the corona crisis

Every day, the news and social networks are full of information about the economic impact of the crisis. Aid packages are being put together, existential fear in regard to the business prevails; and those who can or may still work must do so under completely different conditions. So it will definitely be a difficult year for many and not all of them will be able to maintain their companies / businesses.

The marketing industry is also affected by the effects of the crisis. Where advertisements have been running vigorously to further drive business, it is now more likely to be reduced or paused. Companies with physical goods in particular simply cannot deliver or have had to close in order to protect their employees. Even worse it affects travel companies, event organizers and airlines that were otherwise traveling with a large advertising budget and are currently completely unable to act. Money is becoming scarcer everywhere and savings are often made first on the marketing budget because it is quick and easy to stop spending here.

But business is not going down everywhere. We have already written that online dating is becoming even more important and popular in these times and our partners are also reporting daily increasing traffic and great conversion rates. Anyone who works as an affiliate here, who has already laid the foundations in the past and, above all, is now able to continue marketing, can also look forward to growing sales during the Corona pandemic.

The rest of the affiliate marketing industry is still a bit cautious when it comes to business forecasts. Many also see negative effects here due to physical products. For example, if you are an affiliate mainly active in e-commerce, you will of course also feel the effects of the delivery bottlenecks. However, there are gains in all digital products. Whether in the field of further education or entertainment: those who have to stay at home because of the Corona virus use the time online and consume the digital products.

Once again it shows that those who work online can react much more flexibly and are often in a better position even in difficult times than entrepreneurs from other areas. We now recommend that all partners really step on the gas again and build up more reach. The successes are not long in coming!