The Importance of Support in Online Dating

As one that runs a portfolio of own, top performing dating offers, there’s lot of daily effort and tasks required to make it all work. Of course there’s the product itself that has to not only convert but also satisfy the user / customer, a very complex billing setup – all to bring the best ROI. And the whole setup for affiliates, with proper tracking, and a wide variety of promo tools.

There is, however one part that is also crucial, the daily support available for our customers. Any log-in problems, or payment issue needs to be addressed immediately, otherwise we may lose a current or potential paying user. There are also inquiries of various kind, often those connected with staying anonymous.

Our support is always local meaning that each country has its native support, this helps to address any culturally specific or local issues. There’s a direct line between the availability of support and the average $ spent by the customer. So all this is interconnected and one of the reasons why one can get major results as an affiliate, as the payouts are of course directly linked to the customer spending.

So that’s for another one of our recipes for success in online dating!