Month: May 2020

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imaXcash – a Stellar Choice

While money isn’t everything it is damn well important, and a bump in income of just several percent may be crucial to get that extra money, whether as savings, in order to enjoy life, or to try to further multiply them. The flirt and casual dating offers by imaXcash with

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Push Notifications Matter

Push notifications surely are a useful tool for re-engaging your user base. While pretty much everybody does get push notifications aka what they understand as notifications on their smart phone, not that much widespread or used are push notifications on the web. Why is email marketing still so effective in

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A Rare Multi App Use Tool

How many tools do you use on a daily basis? For sure at least one To Do App, one app for keeping notes, probably some kind of Wiki, then of course a text and a table processor, a calendar – and some more. One needs to combine its input during

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Women Mean Success

Especially when it comes to running an online dating business. If one wants to attract men to use an online dating site, there’s no better incentive than to have an active female user base. For all our sites for example, females can sign up for free, with all full features,

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Is your Data Interpretation Correct?

Online marketing is all about data and numbers – especially since one’s success isn’t always measurable by being in the black numbers only. Website visitors, click patterns, holding times, conversions and many other numeric factors are what’s been analyzed on a regular and often daily basis. What if these data

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Chrome Prefers “Thin” Ads

It’s ever more challenging to put together successful advertising campaign. Inside the networks there’s the rules and guidelines that one needs to obey – and once this is done, there’s still the browsers and their specifics. Given that the user has no ad-blocker installed. So after meeting all these guidelines,

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