Play and Learn how to NOT design a site – Iniyerface

While a solid design and user experience should be a given, no site is perfect and there’s always a lot to test and improve. Especially if one suffers from professional blindness as he’s building sites all day long.

User Inyerface is a browser game coming from the Design agency Bagaar, a very creative way of marketing – and a very useful tool for anyone that deals with web design. It shows step by step what a useful design should NOT look like. If one uses his common sense one can’t go too far in this game.

Basically all the rules for a good design are turned upside down here in order to show how annoying it can be for the user, if a good user interface practices are not implemented. Among else there are the very unnecessary pop-ups, choose your preferences feature or captcha that make the use of the site quite impossible. Enjoy and learn!