Dating Sites and Females – an Essential Match

How does one measure if a dating site is successful or not? One metrics that always makes sense is the amount of female users that are active on the site. One can offer lots of incentives – such as cool features, convenient pricing – but active females are bread and butter of a successful dating site.

One thing that is for sure – females do not need to be necessarily signed up for a dating site if they want to look for fun. This is more of a man’s domain. Females also do not show or advertise this in the open. Why should then women sign up for such a portal in the first place?

That’s the key question that we’re asking repeatedly, and adjust our product and its features based on it. One key feature is that the females can use all the premium setup on the website for free. This is of course just one of many features that are to entice females to use our service, these are mostly a part of our internal know-how and trade secrets though.

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