Instagram Further Clamping Down on Suggestive Content

Instagram has experienced a major growth recently, with a steady surge in new registered users. As with just about every social media network, even adult content marketers do try to take advantage of the huge exposure they can get on Instagram.

For a relatively long time it was quite possible to create a big and sometimes huge following in a relatively short time. These times mat be over for good though, since new regulations related to adult or suggestive content have been announced.

All one needs is to take a good look at a few popular and well managed accounts and one can see the major exposure they were able to get. Especially also using all sorts of tools that enable to automate the social media account management. At the end of the year, however, the results are becoming very strict, think that the site is available for children over 13 years old, and now Instagram means it.

All the content then needs to be suitable as a something a 13 year old person can see. This is the best to keep in mind when updating one’s content. Any violation can mean an immediate termination of an account that could take months or years to build.