4 Tips on How to Attract more Image Traffic!

More traffic is always good, especially if it’s also traffic where people find what they’re looking for, and you have a product to convert them. Although we may consider ourselves as pro’s – there’s always things that may be basic but are not done properly. Image search is a great way to get traffic, and one that’s often overlooked.

One can always double-check the amount of image traffic one gets in the Analytics. It is somewhat a golden source of traffic if one knows how to optimize for it. Not only the right file name, but also alt-tags play a key role.

  1. File Name and Alt-Tag
    Not only a descriptive file name. If one adds a suitable description around the image, containing fitting keywords, there’s 50 – 100 words that can be used in order to boost the image in the image search.
  2. Suitable Text Around the Picture
    Not just the picture, but also the context is key. If the text relates to the picture and contains the correct keywords, this can mean a major boost.
  3. Linking to the Picture
    The links are always a factor, Images are not different – external and internal links can add some extra juice when it comes to image search traffic.
  4. EXIF Data
    You can use the EXIF Data in order to add more details and information about the image. Version, description, keywords – this is a little bit of extra effort that may also help at the end of the day.