Is Affiliate Marketing a Crisis Resistant Business?

We’re about to be able to look into the economic stats for 2020. The sight is not a nice one since many of the industries were hit and many almost eliminated from their ability to generate revenue. Especially small businesses, restaurants. event management, and travel agencies.

When it comes to online, the situation gets somewhat less bleak. After all, the biggest gains and profit increase in a single year, probably in the history, was cashed by the world’s online retailer behemoth Amazon. The over extension of online retailing of course brings more opportunities to online marketers as well.

Based on the available data, a lot of the spending and retail indeed moved towards online in 2020. Retailers that had an established online presence or were able to set one up promptly could see their profits grow as much as 400 %! Of course this also depends on the branch and industry.

How about online dating? The traffic on online dating sites is by some indicators in total even higher than what it was before. Established affiliates continued to earn very well, and many new affiliates started to add dating offers into their mix. Our experience confirms this, so don’t be shy to test and promote our in-house built dating offers.