Four Trends in Online Marketing to Keep an Eye on in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, then it’s that nothing can be taken for granted and things that would appear surreal yesterday may turn into reality. This makes predicting 2021 very tricky. There are, however, some points that one may want to look into when it comes to online marketing in 2021.

What you may want to consider for 2021?

Optimizing for Voice and Visual search

You may be familiar to Alexa or other similar tools that use voice control – one may want to consider this when building his properties online. Search terms through voice commands are somewhat different to what one writes into a search bar. When it comes to visual search, don’t forget to Alt Text, learn more about image search optimization.

Branding and Community Building

The more are people limited in in-person interaction and the more time they spend online, the more important is that you have a proper presentation and community around your brand or a project. Now is the time to attract different consumer groups searching online for whatever you’re offering.

Live Streaming

While video is an extremely important medium, with all the shut downs, travel and in-person meeting restrictions, live streaming is more important than ever. Think of live streamed events or presentations as a way to get more clients and awareness.

Snackable Content

What is Snackable content? That’s content that can is fast and easy to consume, be it short videos, podcasts, picture guided story telling. Easy to play and easy to compute. Whoever masters this art can gain a major amount of new customers.