Tool Tip – Organize your Icons with Iconset

No matter if you design web or put together artwork, icons are a regular part of it. One can get various Icon sets in order to fit with the right style or mood of what one designs. There’s plenty of stock image platforms where one can find and get the icon sets that fit whatever he needs to design. The more one downloads, the harder it may be to keep track of all the various sets though.

Iconset is a very handy tool that was made by designers, for designers, to save time and make one’s icon organizing easy. One can download it for MacOS or Windows, and search for various icon-packs available at the website. These can be then easily downloaded, searched, marked as favorite, and used.

One can also import sets from other sources, or export those available herein. Whoever is in the business of web designing can definitely find this tool handy, a key is to name the custom icons properly, so they can be easily searched and found according to what they portray. A major time saver if used properly!