WhiteLabels in Dating Make a Difference

If you have a first have experience with the wide variety of online dating offers available in imaXcash – you know that it’s basically a turn-key solution where you can create your own dating brand, on your own domain. This may have some advantages, as opposed to promoting the default offers.

Especially if you have a big site where you may need to customize your brand, or if you’re an email marketer – it definitely makes sense to use a dating WhiteLabel. A WhiteLabel is one step closer to having your own product, except you don’t have to take care of the whole operation of running one.

The logo, colors and button design gets customized in order to give one’s site a more individual look. This all is of course also reflected in the email templates. A big advantage is all the type-ins and additional joins that may result in having your own brand / domain. If you’re ready to push your own online dating White Label – go with imaXcash!