Adblocker usage is increasing

Advertising seems to be for more and more Internet users a thorn in the eye based on the current number of persons in use of adblocks A study has shown that the use of such services has increased by 30 percent worldwide. Advertising is not only surfing on the computer or laptop blinded, but also increasingly for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

For advertisers, the StartUp Page Fair has presented troubling figures with a study. According to data, about 11 percent of all Internet users now use an ad blocker. To make it more plastic, we are talking about 600 million devices! Compared with the figures of the previous year, the growth of the block software would be a whopping 30 percent. These are numbers that are not exactly for enthusiasm in marketing, as display advertising plays an important role, especially in the mobile sector.

On mobile devices, the use of ad blockers in Europe and the US is fortunately still not quite noticeable, according to the study of PageFair in the Asia-Pacific region, 94 percent of mobile users already use ad blocker. The numbers seem almost a bit too high, but even if they should not agree now … at the latest when smartphone manufacturers pre-installed a corresponding app with, we can soon meet this problem.

As the numbers of ad blockers continue to rise, there must also be a rethink in marketing. Where the path can go is not yet clear. So it remains exciting to follow the development.