New offers for Poland and Czech Republic

In the last few weeks, we have introduced to you the new countries, which are now products for the first time in imaXcash. With these many new countries added we could still write and introduce some individually. But with all the euphoria, which of course also existed with us. We have not forgotten what we have been doing successfully for years that is why we always work in the countries where we have been present for a long time with our offers – and here we have something new to offer again!

After the virtual journey across the world, we are now returning to countries we have known for a long time and which we have worked successfully together with you for a long time! There are new offers in imaXcash, which we no longer want to withhold from you. More specifically, this is a new offer for the Czech market and two for the Polish market.

This allows the already existing traffic to be redirected to something new and the consumer’s desire to buy is extremely high. All you need to apply can be found directly in imaXcash and you can ask questions, of course our support is always willing to help!