Is the anchor text the key to successful link building?

The topic of SEO inspires many people and others turn their heads once again when it comes to traffic generation via search engine optimization. Too many factors play a role and their weighting seems to change daily. There must be an easier way, and yet not be punished by Google, right?

There is no shortcut for onpage optimization just a few things have to be edited so that the success can be adjusted. With the Offpage optimization you can see a slight difference already. Anyone who is more concerned with SEO knows quickly how to get backlinks to push his ranking. One thing is still slowing down: the right anchor text for links. A few years ago, it was absolutely necessary that the keyword was placed as an anchor for the link. In the meantime, this is rather discouraged and placed on diversity.

However, Adam White, founder of the SEO tool SEOJet, has precisely investigated this topic. He wanted to know how the link texts really affect the ranking and thus the traffic and found a recipe for linkbuilding; exactly this recipe is supposed to bring a huge boost for the website. What does it matter, according to White? He analyzed this by examining link profiles and categorizing thousands of links on subpages with a focus on the anchor text. Twelve categories were identified and the importance of various forms of anchor texts was determined.

Long story, short: White is of the opinion that a mixture of anchor texts is really recommendable, but you should have exactly in view, how this mixture looks. According to his analysis, one of four pages should use the page title as an anchor text. In this case, of course, many keywords can be placed. It is also important to note that there is rarely a call for “click here” or similar in connection with the link. All in all, there was more and Adam White is so convinced of his theory that he has even adopted it for his SEO tool.

More on his analysis White summarized in a blog posting. We would be interested, however, if you can understand his recipe or have link texts according to your experience so much influence?