What is the purpose of your websites?

Each website has a meaning behind it, which should bring a result. For some, it is about conveying information, while others are simply to be entertained. In the adult business, of course, the lead is the main focus. We would like to encourage visitors to sign up for our offer and, of course, to spend money as well.

In an article I recently read about “intuitive web design”. This sounds like a new buzzword and a trend to build websites according to a certain scheme. There have been some things in the past few years that have been tried, but then had to jump quickly to the next trend, because it simply wasn’t up-to-date. Intuitive web design is anything but a trend. It is a reduction to the essential. If a visitor is on the website, he should not have to think about what the next step is, but rather react intuitively and get the desired result or the desired action.

Basically the user decides in the first 10 seconds, whether he finds on a website what he is looking for – or not. In these 10 seconds you have to catch him so he does not even think about what he is doing. If you do this with the website design, you are a big step closer to the conversion. This is exactly why Landingpages work so well. They focus on exactly one desired action and exactly that is always at the forefront and is supported by other design elements only.

How is it with you? Is your web design intuitive or distracts the user from the essential?