Paying by face-detecting systems?

Technology advances year by year and what was unimaginable some time ago can soon be possible. Particularly great advances are made whether it’s in medicine, the automotive industry or in the field of artificial intelligence, it is only inevitable for new technologies to be developed which benefits us on the Internet and can bring positive aspects.

An article with breakthrough technologies in 2017 came to our attention – and one of the above-mentioned developments aroused our interest: Paying by face-detecting systems! The technology comes from China, where the monitoring plays a completely different role than here, so it is probably a normal method to make payments in this way. Apart from the face scan, this technology also uses additional language or movement for protection against misuse.

This technology is particularly interesting because the payment-cancellation problem is always an issue for online payments. You are still talking about the fact that you have not even book and that an abuse of the data took place. It is time-consuming and costly to pursue this – face-detecting systems could put an end to this. On the other hand, it is questionable whether someone in the erotic area wants to keep his face in the camera. The inhibition threshold should be very high, right?