Whether Brexit or not – dating is always a topic

At the moment, England is often talking about the withdrawal from the EU – but that is not everything that interests us on the island. Since the end of last year, we at imaXcash have a dating product for the UK in our luggage and this is going really well, because in the EU or not, dating is always a topic!

Great Britain is a big market. With more than 65 million inhabitants, the country is not much smaller than Germany – but on the island the desire for online dating is almost a bit higher. And that makes it very interesting for us and also for you of course. Numbers show that there are about 15 million singles and 35% of the English are in a relationship openly, to enjoy a fling occasionally. Then come all those who dream of it so far and simply want to test their market value online.

Looking at sales in online dating within Europe, there are only two to three countries that generate higher sales. This clearly shows that the right step is to take Great Britain into focus and open up the market. Space is definitely there – and there is also more than enough traffic available, which can be quickly converted into cash with our new offer.