New Google update insecure website owner

The times Google have commented on every update are long gone. Actually this is a positive thing, because with more than 600 updates a year, we would soon have nothing else to do but to check our pages and see if adjustments are necessary. However, there are updates that are clearly noticeable – and we would like to have more information, right?

Already within the middle of February 2017 you could see with the first SEO tools that something was running. In the middle of March, some websites crashed extremely, while others in the SERPs made big jumps. What caused these changes was not made clear and can only be assumed today. When there is an update available is confirmed by Google.

Of course, many experts have jumped directly to the losers and winners of the update and looked at what they have in common or not. It was particularly noticeable that the pages that had slipped down were as follows:

– The sites have lots of advertising above the fold (Adsense and similar)
– The pages have little content
– The page content has no added value
– There are generally many affiliate links on the site

Whether it is now one of the points, which takes up the update or rather a mix of everything, can still not be clearly recognized. So it will take a little while, until *Fred*, that’s the name of the update, can be reactivated. All in all, it becomes clear that quality and value are becoming more and more important and that there must be opportunities to link these points with affiliate marketing and advertising in general.