The next generation of ad blockers is here

It seems to be an adversary: the better the ad blockers become, the more inventive site operators are to display advertisements despite the blockers. This in turn inspires the ad blocker to further develop and so on. Now a new ad blocker has come to the market, which should not be bypassed.

When researchers from the Universities of Stanford and Princeton work together, extraordinary results can be expected. So it is also in the case of the ad blockers, which was now developed. Under the name Perceptual Ad Blocker a software was developed, which surpassed all ad blocker so far. The core is machine vision, which is used here with various technologies. Thus the software advertising recognizes by means of the marking for advertisements, which in the USA and also here in Germany and other countries is duty, as would also a human eye do.

Does this works as well as the developers want? Apparently it does already, because even Facebook advertisements in the Timeline, which until now could not be blocked by any ad blocker, are recognized by the software and also blocked. In addition, other anti-adblocker methods from the Perceptual Ad Blocker were successfully leveled out.

This software, which is already ready for use, is likely to cause many headaches again. Although the researchers indicate that they do not want to take any position for or against ad blocker, they offer opportunities that can have a big impact. Contents, which are consumed by the user, can only be provided, if also somewhere flows money. This is largely done through advertisements. If the money flows away, no free content can be offered in the long run and anyone who uses an ad blocker contributes to this development.