Augmented Reality opens up new opportunities

After Virtual Reality has already reached the perception and offers many possibilities (also in the adult industry), now comes the “new big thing” which promises on the one hand fun for users and on the other hand a lot of potential for marketing and paid applications. After Mark Zuckerberg announced at the developer conference F8 a new Augmented Reality platform, it is clear that this topic will deal with many in the future.

Expanding the reality with the smartphone – that is the idea behind AR. Thus, pictures can be decorated with frames, faces decorated with funny masks and more. These are at least the things that we already know today in the field of Augmented Reality. Snapchat has made it with the masks, in the Facebook Messenger is something already possible and others will certainly follow soon.

But this is not all that can be realized with AR. Behind this technology, there are many more possibilities to explore. The demos at the F8 conference have already been sought by many marketing managers for brainstorming and if the technology has reached the broad masses, more ideas and transformations will come.

Also in the dating area Augmented Reality could set completely new standards and we spontaneously have some ideas on how the technology can be used. However, it must first be seen whether the market AR also accepts, because it is not really new. For some time, some people are always trying to bring the technology forward, but the breakthrough has not yet succeeded.