A / B test – Learning from the best

It always surprises us to hear how little webmasters work with A / B tests on their own projects and landing pages. Either there is only one version of the one that works or not, or it is improved, but nothing measured. How important A / B tests are should be already comprehensible – and also with the big online companies it is always good to observe how small changes are tested.

If you want to get better conversions, just do not get around A / B tests. Only on the basis of the obtained data can be found out, which really appeals to the users and leads to more leads. And not infrequently from the data exactly the variant as conversion winner is determined, which one finds itself at all not appealing. This shows that your own taste should never be a benchmark for building projects or landing pages – at the very least, a variant in the A / B test.

It is also exciting, of course, when A / B tests can be followed by other companies. Even if there is no access to the evaluations, you can learn a lot. The possibilities tested stimulate the creativity and create new ideas for their own test. At the moment, the Goolge SERPs can now be used again for a nice A / B test – how the mobile view of the search results is best viewed.

Currently known variants:

– blue URLs, black page titles
– black font, blue globe next to the URL
– black font, thick blue bars beside page title
– black font, thin blue strokes beside the page title
– black font, URL large above the page title
– black font, URL small above the page title
– black font, page title underlined with blue dots
– menu vertically with points at the top right
– menu with colored dots at the top right
– menu with black dots at the top right

You can see, the changes are really very small. Which variant will be the winner, we will only see if the layout is executed. For every website operator, however, this A / B test is also an inspiration to try out a little, which can be improved.