Nextcloud: use your own cloud

Today, cloud services are simply an integral part of everyday work. In them, we archive, share files or simply store them so they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Especially services like Dropbox or Google Drive which are widely used – mainly because they offer memory very cost-effective. But these solutions have also a few security problems and at the very least when we store business data in the cloud, we would not like to see these in the hands of any hacker.

As an alternative to cloud solutions you can of course use conventional webspace on your own server, but this is not very user-friendly and often not too secure. It is better if you use your own cloud – and this is possible for example with Nextcloud. Nextcloud offers all the same services as Dropbox and Google Drive. The difference is simple, that they are hosted on their own server and you are therefore responsible for security. This important point is, of course, supported by the software, which has many features that make it easy to achieve a high degree of security.

Nextcloud, which is now available in version 11, offers an easy-to-use interface, as well as features such as syncing from all end devices and a file access control that simplifies sharing. Access to external Clouds is also possible via Nextcloud, so that all content can be intertwined with each other and the usage is extremely simple and comfortable.

Therefore, if you do not like to give sensitive data from the hand, Nextcloud really is a good solution, which also has no disadvantages in the usability.